Sunday, November 28, 2010

its a blaaaah thingy

lalalalallalalaaaa n lalalalaaa,
what do we do when somebody perli-ing2 about us??
do ur poker face!!
yeah, hell i care..hell o go eat jell o..
live soo freely time cuti sem..
n i smell some nasty prob coming towards lahh~~
must be someting, shhuhh2..
dont mess with me..wuhuuuu..

i luv shopping but money does not like me much,
asyik hilang je ( disedekah kt kdai2, isk2 :( )
and now its getting really low...

ps: nvr forget bout nandos, dunt ya worry

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

step by step, now or never. bye sem 3.

well done ulfa! u manage to finished ur sem without ptee..ouhh seksaaa, xdpt nk rase mcm org lain steady je spend money, huhhhh*tarik muka masam. pdhal duit pama kasi melantak bkn main utk mkn sni sna..hahaaa. well lets hope ptpptn sayang cantik adik manis x kecewa kan daku lg..plss2 msuk lahh time trdekat ni. duh, stop babbling bout money,, hmmm psl ape mau crite ehh..

ooowwwh yea. today last day, end of my third sem. i swear to god, sem ni sgt pening, complex, susahhh, complicated n blaaa blaa.. haih, things byk get overrated, which is x best, sume laaah.. everything, study, life, family, relationship, frienship that shipped away and some other stuff that bother me. in third sem, sesi july-nov2010, are the hardest. man, i thought yg dlu tuh da ssh, rupanya ada lg masalah hidup..muda lg namanya.. ngahaha. well as the sem ended, these are list which hav been coloured my day, colourful, black n white n so forth..theehe

1) study
huhhh, i guess my bad jugalahh yg x study n last min punya pemikiran. then habis exam nyesal n cuak x sudahh.. all subject sudah ku habiskn ngan jayanya, jwb dgn megahnya, cuma x laa confident mana, bole x mcm tuu.. aiyaaa. mmg btul ckp org tu, sy mls, study one day x smpi 15 min da kroooih2, huhhh.. sy tau2, sedar dr, x ya laaa nk hebah org sume pndg sy sbg seorg yg mls... hahhaa.. but point dia sume kena, sooo angguk j laaah.. just hope result pointer x trun.. really wish for miracle to come here.. *wishing

2) family
for *special reason, i've been watched. being a 20th may not be enough for everybody lil girl aren't ya? haha, its maybe sound cool as u've been the most precious but until one time, u will feel the hotness, *some will understand this, hiyeahh, need to make them trust me one more time. it's hard okayyy, but i know the family know the best in me.

3) relationship maybe.
yeahhh, hell i dont believe i'm gonna find me stress bout this matter. well, there's up n down, smooth and cracks, but its normal aite. the really matter is existence whenever i need. its lovely. it feels good. THANK YOU. it started this sem..:)

4) friends and
aiyaaa, never underestimate ur feelings, fun become no fun, sweet become no sweet, love become hate and jokes become bullshit. yeah. its getting worse, n i dont see any way out. this sems, i've loss/lost/loose. gotta find a good way to start new sem. goooo chaiyok2. lets forgive n forget. i guess.

5) xxx

byk lagi nk cm xde idea nk tulis apa, n da bsn rse nk tdo pula.. haihh, nk cr rumaa.. byk nya brg kena kemas.. bye2 homies. bye laksa n mana.. gotta miss uncle ho ho ho.. haha. owhhh ya special thanks to ferrari merah, kalu x i pth kaki. :)

p/s: ‎"Jika tak dapat apa yang kita suka,,belajarlah menyukai apa yg kita dapat…dan bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada..” ya allah, berkatilah insan2 sekeliling ku, maafkan lah khilaf kami, sesungguhnya, kami hamba mu yg hina, smoga masa akan beri kami pengajaran dn belajar dari kesilapan.. maaf maaf. dgn ini, saya tutup tirai sem 3 di uitm city campus, looking forward to sem 4, n moga semua akan menjadi lebih baik, amin. :)