Sunday, October 31, 2010

it was me who didn't f*cking even care,
whatever i do,
i am hopeless n useless in ur eye,
sorry to be too hard to handle,
it was me,
i'm sorry.
any famous last word,
which is good bye,
i'm waiting to hear it, as i'm forbid to text or call u anymore.
u want to move on, i'll let you.


uhhuh, yes those areee really related,
those happend to me at the same time, day where i wished it to be special and different for me,
is it too hard to make it,
wish no word would came out from u, only the feelings expressed would be nice,
mind with the gift,
after all the good times and bad times, that's the only thing u can think about me??
is that shit? what am i gold digger?

so sad laah,
never thought to make u buy think for me if it weren't sincere from u,
never force u, but u hurt me but say it,
one fine day, where i smile, grinned happily as u wanted to give me the bear,
as i want to say thanks, and i do wanted to show how much i appreciated it,
my smile stopped,the word wont came out from mouth as my heart wont let as it really hurt,
ouchhh, ur word, why have to be harsh and sweet at the same time??
how am goin to swallow both?

maybe its my fault,
a gf supposed not to have feeling like me, i guess,
a gf supposed to accept those harsh word, i guess,
i don't know, i'm speechless syg,
telalu berat nk terima sume tu in one time,
sweet and harsh,
i wished i can choose either one,
but i can't right?
because everything comes with prices...

p/s: the price of love now can be measure by things now eh? maybe laaa, if that way it gonna work, ohh ya, before i forgot, trust urself, maybe its true whatever u said about me. THANK U.


u'll gotta missed the past, when the present is not as beautiful as it is used to be anymore.
the future will stay and wait for us to come n meet,
later on, as u're in the future, u'll find out how dumb u are as not be grateful about thing's happen in present which is now...

when u're not sure what to do in present, remember the past and look what will happen later on future..

ugghh, really miserable now, wonder if u feel this way too..
but it's okay,
i knew the feelings changed, love's fade do ya,
i can say no more,
i'll be fine..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

perasaan bahagia menagis kerna buku.. ;p

now dah hr jumaat.. ye maka mulalah aku nk menangis sendirian tersedu sedan kt satu sudut di dlm blik..yeee...slalunya, tyme ni lah aku akn ajk membe2 seperjuangan menangis beramai2..haha. ohh ya. lupa nk gtau, reason sy menagis, motif:sbb da x smpi seminggu (lg 3 days nk final) n saya lgsg x bkk buku! yeap, tipulah if sy kata x bkk bku lgsg, suprisingly ade bkk but, tumpuan max pn pernah smpi 10 minit.. kagum2.. hahahahha..(smbil berlinang air mata)..

tau dah, menangis pn x guna. bak kata pepatah, sesal dahulu mungkin berguna, sesal kemudian baabai la wehh, heheh. nevertheless, i would not blaming anybodyelse, ppl around me skrg byk dorong aku suruh blaja.. yakah?? yaaya, siap kne marah.. adoii, oh ya, should i suppose blame si pembawa demam big bang theory, yaya, maybe i sould, kau lah punya psl si pembawa laptop acer aspire nipis yg ade 2 seasons big bang theory dlm lappy!! huuh! haha, nk juga slhkn org..

teringat pula kisah lame, ,masa dip, aahahaaa, demam gossip girl tgk back2back smpi s3, pastu sem 3 demam big bang n korean show. haisshh, nmpknya berlarutan x berubah2 smpi ke degree. yg berbezanya suasana. yelahhh. dulu ada geng. tgk ini, tgk itu ade org join. sorg x blaja sume x blaja. ade ke patut?? hhuuhu.. bkn aku x suka tgk org blaja n aku x, huaaa, tp takut laaa, dierg da ready n aku tidak.. haiyaaaaaa..nnt aku kne nangis sorg2 menyesal tiada guna. haha, time dip siap buat lagu nangis bersama. sengal. walau tiada lg geng sedorm pergi kemana jua bersama cam dlu, tp now saya ade tiga org slalu bersama saya, ssh sng..TERIMA KASIH.. nnt sy blaja k.. wink2.. rsenye, mereka pn da phm cara aku, bia x study asal tgn mesti ade notes or duk ruma, haha, nk sdp kn aty..

finally, wishing everbody the best of luck. smoga cemerlang bersama2. supaya grad bersama2. semua bersama2. saya suka bersama2. hahaa. nway, hari ni kita da tau, esok kita xtau lg, jgn pndg rendah akn sesuatu, sbb esok lusa hanya DIA yg tentu..

p/s: lets the cry begin, i love buku.. mmmmuuuuaaahh2..

i love u all the way

All this we've been together
Everyday a new adventure
Times, enough to last forever and a day
Our love was sometimes all we had
Through good times and through bad
I loved you all the way

All our days weren't bright and sunny
There are times we have no money
You could always find some funny thing to say
And looking back on where we've been
I'd do it all again
I loved you all the way

I loved you all the way
Every night, every night, every day

Times I thought I couldn't take it
Wond'rin' if we'd ever make it
You could hold me close and make it go away
And though I've said it all before
I never meant it more
I loved you all the way
I loved you all the way..

p/s: this song is for u :) alif min ya nun

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i am sorry, to mama with love

huh. hv a fight with ur mother was not a pleasant news to hear.. actually its not a big fight, it just me don't get it sometimes with my mom. well clearly, i regret everything, it's a big mistakes to upset wit ur own mother, bcz sooner or later, u will find out, that u r the one who supposed to blame and ur mother is a greatest gift in ur life. shame on me. forgive me ma. such an unthankful daughter i am.

i love my beautiful mom very2 much!

nothing can compares.. i hope she know what i felt towards her.. had already sent apology text to her.. :( sorry ma..

p/s: the greatest thing that i wanna do in dis life is buy mom luxurious things, take her anywhere she wanted to, pamper her with happiness and all the best thing that could ever happen in dis lil world, but the most precious gift is pray for her happiness for now and hereafter. INSYAALLAH.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

and the winner goes to u~~ego

ya allah..kuatkan laah hambamu ini.. berilah kekuatan kpd ku ya allah..
hmmm, tah knape, rase teharu sgt hati, rse lemah sgt dr.. malam ni mybe mlm last kt rumah ni.. aku pn xtahuu npe keras sgt ht ni.. nk bertegur payah apatah lg maaf.. aku slalu kalah bab kawan, aku slalu minta maaf everytime smting bad happen. sbb aku takut jd mcm ni lahh.. bila semua pn dah xleh tarik blk.. bru nk sedar betapa nilai prsahabatan. tak tahu knape hati ni da terasa sgt, smpi bnci pn mula muncul..act benci tu bole padam mcm tu je, tp ble da lme sgt n xde yg terasa nk padamkn, api benci pn mkin menjadi, smpi nk padam pn sgt lahh payah.

currently i'm typing with tear's hardly streaming down.. sbnrnye sgtlah xnk menangis, sbb nk nmpk kuat dpn sume org, kuat cm aza, but then, mlm ni, lps diorg sume kua, aza lps kms2, die dtg.. tbe2 air mata jatuh, hmm die pn kalah rpenye. she told me how much she worries about her bestfren, after she's not be on her side anymore. ohh my. the sad thing is, when we always think about one another but have to act like we're not, yes, maybe some will make fun of it, but deep inside i know all of us feel the same.

for me, i am not shame being weak bcoz of frenship, crying because the end of a wonderful bond that we all have created. its hard to let go. kadang2, semua sbb ego, and for us, yes, we have let the ego won. congratulation ego's. may you happy and live long. hmmphh. enough of it. nothing else i could do. let's bygone be gone. farewell.

p/s: i really gonna miss u, even if u wont. i really gonna love u, even if u won't. thank you.

the name is amira~

bhahahahahahhhhhaahh *cant stop laughing
well what if someone call me with the name 'amira',
  1. no reaction
  2. make face
  3. reply with normal face
hahahahah, absolutely not no.3..
this is true, it's not that i dont like my other name, but its feel weird, and just not into it,
it was like i'm not deserved with that super soft name.
i try to ask my friends to call me amira and the reactions kinda disspointed (ohhh sooooo2 saddd, *sobs), for them who did't know me yet, surely they comfortable to call me amira instead of ulfa.. ngagahahaaa, org kata, x kenal maka x cinta, sooo ble knal mst tuka pggl ulfa.. T____T

ohhh, antara feedback yg aku terima..
  1. hahhh, pggl amira, huaaahahahaha, bhahahah...n the laughing continues
  2. amira??????? *buat muka thn glak, tp x smpi aty..
  3. x glakkk, tp trus ckp eeeeuuuwwww *shit gle en

ahhhhhhh, suka aty korg lahhh, no matter what that was still my name, ulfa amira, wahhhh, what a beautiful name, thnk you mamy n dedy,.. hahah.

p/s: to be honest, x suka org pggl amira, x biase u, confuseddd.. ramai nooo org nme amira dlm dunia.. ulfa jgk cool.. :) bangga cehceh lalalalallala~


while pening2 dgn reseach korea tah hape tuh...tibe2, aza ketuk pintu blk die sendiri, knape ketuk, sbb die kuar td g jusco ngn mama die, n currently die pnye blik(master bedroom, hahaha) adlh blik sy jgk now, T__T sdih jd penumpang di rumah sndr.. nway, kembali kpd tajuk, act sy nk crita ni je, hahaha, aza blk pastu suprise kn sy ngn rocky yg sgt byk, wowwwww.. ade 6 kotak sumenye..3 coklat, n 3 stobeli flavor.. nyumm2. kecur air liur sy, huahuha.. pstu tetibe nmpk peanut butter( aza bru bli gak) sy pn mntk izin bkk satu kotak rocky stobeli n the peanut butter.. why bkk peanut butter tp xde roti.. haaaa tiru mcm sy..mkn ngn rocky.. the steps are, first dip rocky to peanut butter n last but not least auuumm nye di mulut anda.. ngahahahahah... oke2. sgt gumbira rezeki dtg bergolek.. hahaahhahahahaha.. sengal nya post ni, n sy rse byk lg spt ini pd ms dpn.. :))))) ROCKY!! I LOVE U!! *teharuuu
p/s peanut butter bkn spt gambar tp nme die x femes, ntah xde nme... hahahah ( jgn marah miss aza) sodap jgk nyahhh.. meooww2

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

when no sorry and respects~ here what is left to say

it's almost everyday, i really cant get why people act like this.
yes maybe i should blame myself, but don't they should be blame too?
it's a tough time, each minute will be slow and hard to swallow when with them.
the awkwardness, boo~
it's better for me to be alone, rather then be with them.
ask me why,
then here what i'll say,

:because no one of you are my friend.
:u guys are heartless (bestestfren) i ever know.
:i really tired of being played.
:i don't want a cheap frenbullshitship.
:hate people who never thank others when they do goods to you,(x sedar dr hdup menumpang, aku ok j if ade budi bicara tp ni prangai cm cipan).

i never wanted any one of these current situation happened, in fact i never imagine this coming. because i never have friends like u guys, haha, thanks for giving me a 'wonderful experiences', i never forget nor forgive, which thats the first lesson that u guys taught me, THANKS. so long, have fun lonely bestestfren .

Friday, October 8, 2010

no fear~ out of the dark

what a life.
being invisible and unnoticeable?
sure it does hurt..
but sooner or later it will slowly disappear,
as u and the darkness are belong together now,
neither of those feeling will haunt u anymore,
being left alone is one thing,
but it doesn't matter,
as deep inside, u know, there are still hopes that are hang on with u,
uncountable loves n cares without hesitation or hidden reasons,
it's still exist, and u're still in the circle of the positive,
that strongly push u away from the negative,
be calm and fight those hatred,
and u will win without being in pain.

inside my heart to the outside world,
may peace will surround the people that i love and care,
and for those,
it's no big deal,
let's time flies.

YEAH!!! :) XO

u can't imagine how proud n flattered am i right now..
even with those few words, it means a world to me..
feeling's can be interpreted with act,words n even a nod..
if i ever say it's not enough, than it will be the worst lie,
with the smile, laugh and memories created together,
let us freeze the moment n wish it will be forever.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

whopper tyme

say whoopp..whhopp, whopper.. heheh.. nyummy.. tah ble dpt lg bk wat promo cmni.. hehe, whopper rm1, with any purcehase soft drinks.. i bought 3 drinks so got 3 WHOPPER!! we enjoy it kt tepi pantai.. :) sedapnyaaa..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hey~ let's be jude

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

Hey Jude, don't be afraid.
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin,
Then you begin to make it better.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain,
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders.
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder.

Hey Jude, don't let me down.
You have found her, now go and get her.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin,
You're waiting for someone to perform with.
And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do,
The movement you need is on your shoulder.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her under your skin,
Then you'll begin to make it
Better better better better better better, oh.

Na na na, na na na na, na na na, hey Jude...

p/s: to all the guys out there, this is the perfect song for u. as for the girl too, i guess.. haha. for who has got her/him right in ur arm, then plis do appreciate, dont take for granted, once lost, it will be forever.. who knew

rite now, here, currently~

lately, asyik sedeh j..tah la feelings je kot..hurmm..small matter, ignore2, but small thing somehow will be big as time fly doest. plis got to make it work. happy things don't come around much huh? cause i feel terible. :( need a clue, plis gimme ur sign.. heartbroken suckss!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

me being.. haha

his blog.. again, boring.. because there still no 'me' in his post.. duuhh, forget it, he never knew if i never ask for it..SO TYPICAL YOU DEAR!!


ps: i'm still counting n waiting n any minute.. tik toc, booom!, love

miss much~

tomorrow going to be the second month hunn~ <3

craveS for you~

now, asyik teringin j, 'kecur air liur' ble igt time lepak2 cmni.. bestnye kalu dpt.. T__T

Friday, October 1, 2010

wanted lists~

it's been awhile since i begging for something badly.. idk, mybe i know i cant afford it sooooo it will be another daydreaming n blahh..blahh..blahh, but now, i dont care, coz i love daydreaming lah, remember..


dawn of dinasours~ huuhu

hahahhh, curious bout above statement?? hahaha, well it's been age's not updating blog at all( thoughtless nobody gonna read trough mine) but still i ENJOY myself to read it, reapeatingly! haha.. soooo, now it was like new era!! bcoz i hv finally say smting on blog!! :)

live peacefully n gorgeously, XOXO :)