Tuesday, March 23, 2010

happy tears streaming..there she goes..:)

dis blog is dedicated to my bff who will finnaly end up her 'single' status, not marrying someone yet, but loving and hve someone special to take care of..the countdown begin, cant wait june arrive eh darl?..

okeys, dis is kinda sad 4 me, i noe, i should't but i just cnt resist dis feelings.. yup, of course i am happy fer her, in fact, i am crying when she said, "aku on the way", the magic word.. am crying because i am glad she had found someone who truly love, adore, care n accept her for who she really is.. blah..blah n blah.. fellin a bit blue bcoz she's my bff in single crew.. uhwaaa.. heheh :)
nw, i am a loner.. ouuh.. nobody da nk sme2 ngn aku dlm sesi luahan dn berangan :(

igt lg time ko ckp, "ulfa, bestnye ko dh jumpa"..ahahah.. byk lah ko weh, nw looks who's talking?! aissshh.. sdih kot mse ko ckp gitu, n nw aku phm feelings ko time tu.. aku plak yg ckp word ni kt ko.. huuuhu.. nway, kn aku da kate, mmg jodoh ko kot ngn die, aku dh lme agk.. bff ko ngn die xkn thn lme sbb msg2 akn chnge bff jd 'lover forever'..ahahah..gediknye..see2, klu bet ni, kaya aku..

dgn ini sye dgn sgale banggenye, reject ko dr club single kami.. shuuhh2.. pegi main jauh2, wat semak je..ahahhahah..
smoga berbahagia syg.. no more waiting, u're prince charming da smpi jemput ngn kuda putih.. dunt worry bout me, i cn stand on my own, cheeheehe tibe2.. T-T

ps: wishing u the best babe.. may it is worth waiting for this prince.. u guys got my blessings.. hehe.. muah2..


  1. engkau..mmg suka buat aku menanges!!
    haaaaa!! bff!!

  2. Ulfa..when the times c0me, u'll als0 feel the l0ve! u'll find the right pers0n wh0 is specially made 4 u ulfa! chaiy0k2!! believe in urself n j0d0h k! ^_^