Sunday, June 27, 2010

the list..

this is my activity list during intesesion..enjoy!

- pergi class sir idris, ibm
- tgk bola kt mcd dp
- g naik a-famosa tgh2 malam buta
- naik taming sari
- borak di padang dp
- pahlawan walk
- tgk A-TEAM
- mkn piza rm5
- dataran ayer keroh

finally, the most importante, buat assignment n slide yg kne anta keesokan hr di mcd ayer keroh, style? x sgt laa, sbb rse nk nanges ble assgmnt hlg ble lappy wat hal tbe2. served me rite!

ps: too many thing happend in just a month n a half. act byk lg actvity, smpi lupe ape. ehm, in a short time, anything could hppned, or i must say changed. well, lets figure it out. :)

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