Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the 'not get it'

teringin sgt yg ni..hah, pakcik amos! npe laa jual mhl sgt! biskut mary murah jer!

it's frustrating when u're not getting what u want, the minute it is in your head, n u know u'd do anything for it. it is also a normal thing ( mengikut falsafah hidupku) when ppl suddenly craving for something, eventhough the price of food is not reasonable (mhl for student). i seems care less about price when it comes to food, especially the food yg merepek n light, means i prefer to buy baskin robin ice cream and stay hunger later on.. haha. if u learn about comparative advantage, ice cream will always loss with nasi, siaaan ice cream. mybe i should consider eskem M'sia, 20 sen jer. huhu.
haiih, nafsu manusia btull..x elok mmbazir. but we will always knew how to react mengade mcm ni, that is ble time ade duet, sbb kte tau laah kn, if xde duit, mengadaaa lah mcm mne pun, teringin laah mcm mne pon tentu kau xkn dpt n kau akn diam n lie to urself ko x pndg pn benda2 mcm tu ( unless ko pegi batu belah batu bertangkup nun) haha.

last but not the very least, i love dessert no matter what, give me cookie n i will be the happiest woman on earth. >

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