Monday, March 7, 2011

perhatikan who?

well, well. a person ask me, 'awk ada blog x?' then as usual i said, 'yes i do, but its stupid and bored. haha. because it is full of me'. later on, i keep on thinking, darn, what is wrong talking about urself in ur own blog? haha. i have decided to change my blog name. the former name is too not to much eeww ewww.. tak mau bgtau.. ps: it's actually hey my dearie bloggie. haha. now i changed it. yeah, oh yeaaa. it's 'perhatikan ulfa', perhati who? ulfa? yes. my name is ulfa and i am really proud of it. this also derived from,my fav sheila on seven band song title, aka 'perhatikan rani', pls don't sue me, as i am such a DIE HARD FAN! that's it for today. adios.

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