Monday, February 7, 2011

why u have to keep?

its been a long day, doing nothing.. actually, i had plan earlier, it was a not so important plan mybe, and if i were a guy, i'll completely forgot about it, as i dont care at all. nahh~ let's not talk about this pathetically clingy stuff. in fact i looking forward to be just like that 'guy', than we're even.

okay, so i caught nmyself up with how i met your mother marathon.. ohh i love the series. it's an awesome story about this guy named ted telling a never ending stories about how he met his kids mother. the stories for seasons kot..ble tah nk jumpe mak die, x sbr btul.. huuhu. whatever it is, i learn a lot from this hilarious series. make us realized about how life supposed to be, which is, it should be delightful. ted is so lucky to have friends that gonna be with him up and down, sometimes they fought, have different thought or something, but the next morning they're get better then ever. ted searching for a girl that he would spend the rest of his life with, and his been seaching hard. maybe u have to fall in love for hundred times, maybe u'll get hurt million times, but it is worth to finally meet the one for u. to get through the way to get the one, u'll always need ur wingman/woman.

so, i end up having a thought. its okay to felt these way, insecure, unhappy, unpleasant, unappreciated, forgotten, unloved, lonely, jealousy, uncomfortable, invisible, unworth, and all the shit feelings that catch us. because once we pass through it, u'll get the feeling that u bet u wont regret. if not now, then u'll gonna have doubts for the rest of ur life, and it is shameful.

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