Sunday, October 31, 2010


uhhuh, yes those areee really related,
those happend to me at the same time, day where i wished it to be special and different for me,
is it too hard to make it,
wish no word would came out from u, only the feelings expressed would be nice,
mind with the gift,
after all the good times and bad times, that's the only thing u can think about me??
is that shit? what am i gold digger?

so sad laah,
never thought to make u buy think for me if it weren't sincere from u,
never force u, but u hurt me but say it,
one fine day, where i smile, grinned happily as u wanted to give me the bear,
as i want to say thanks, and i do wanted to show how much i appreciated it,
my smile stopped,the word wont came out from mouth as my heart wont let as it really hurt,
ouchhh, ur word, why have to be harsh and sweet at the same time??
how am goin to swallow both?

maybe its my fault,
a gf supposed not to have feeling like me, i guess,
a gf supposed to accept those harsh word, i guess,
i don't know, i'm speechless syg,
telalu berat nk terima sume tu in one time,
sweet and harsh,
i wished i can choose either one,
but i can't right?
because everything comes with prices...

p/s: the price of love now can be measure by things now eh? maybe laaa, if that way it gonna work, ohh ya, before i forgot, trust urself, maybe its true whatever u said about me. THANK U.

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