Thursday, October 14, 2010

and the winner goes to u~~ego

ya allah..kuatkan laah hambamu ini.. berilah kekuatan kpd ku ya allah..
hmmm, tah knape, rase teharu sgt hati, rse lemah sgt dr.. malam ni mybe mlm last kt rumah ni.. aku pn xtahuu npe keras sgt ht ni.. nk bertegur payah apatah lg maaf.. aku slalu kalah bab kawan, aku slalu minta maaf everytime smting bad happen. sbb aku takut jd mcm ni lahh.. bila semua pn dah xleh tarik blk.. bru nk sedar betapa nilai prsahabatan. tak tahu knape hati ni da terasa sgt, smpi bnci pn mula muncul..act benci tu bole padam mcm tu je, tp ble da lme sgt n xde yg terasa nk padamkn, api benci pn mkin menjadi, smpi nk padam pn sgt lahh payah.

currently i'm typing with tear's hardly streaming down.. sbnrnye sgtlah xnk menangis, sbb nk nmpk kuat dpn sume org, kuat cm aza, but then, mlm ni, lps diorg sume kua, aza lps kms2, die dtg.. tbe2 air mata jatuh, hmm die pn kalah rpenye. she told me how much she worries about her bestfren, after she's not be on her side anymore. ohh my. the sad thing is, when we always think about one another but have to act like we're not, yes, maybe some will make fun of it, but deep inside i know all of us feel the same.

for me, i am not shame being weak bcoz of frenship, crying because the end of a wonderful bond that we all have created. its hard to let go. kadang2, semua sbb ego, and for us, yes, we have let the ego won. congratulation ego's. may you happy and live long. hmmphh. enough of it. nothing else i could do. let's bygone be gone. farewell.

p/s: i really gonna miss u, even if u wont. i really gonna love u, even if u won't. thank you.


  1. s0rry ulfa, sy t'bce sbb kuar kt my bl0g jg..the link.. it's 0k t0 cry bcuzz 0f friendship!!! it's hard t0 find..apatah lgi t0 leave kn??? u hve t0 be str0ng..mngkin ade hkmah dsebalek ini..alwys pray f0r ur frenship 4 de b0nd t0 tight up back as b4..insya'Allah..
    truely i'm n0t hepy t0 hear ths bcuzz u all were great frens t0 each 0ther, as a fmly!!n it already happen t0 me 0nce..n i really h0pe it will n0t hppen t0 u..
    igt!! bile kte rse x thu nk wt ape..just pray t0 Allah, Insya'Allah Allah will sh0ws the best 4 u! amin.

  2. thanx shirah.. well, i wont say much because i am clueless rite now. searching for the best and continue life as usual. there's things that we can change if we could and some should be as it should for their very best. so let just pray and hope.