Saturday, October 9, 2010

when no sorry and respects~ here what is left to say

it's almost everyday, i really cant get why people act like this.
yes maybe i should blame myself, but don't they should be blame too?
it's a tough time, each minute will be slow and hard to swallow when with them.
the awkwardness, boo~
it's better for me to be alone, rather then be with them.
ask me why,
then here what i'll say,

:because no one of you are my friend.
:u guys are heartless (bestestfren) i ever know.
:i really tired of being played.
:i don't want a cheap frenbullshitship.
:hate people who never thank others when they do goods to you,(x sedar dr hdup menumpang, aku ok j if ade budi bicara tp ni prangai cm cipan).

i never wanted any one of these current situation happened, in fact i never imagine this coming. because i never have friends like u guys, haha, thanks for giving me a 'wonderful experiences', i never forget nor forgive, which thats the first lesson that u guys taught me, THANKS. so long, have fun lonely bestestfren .

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