Friday, October 8, 2010

no fear~ out of the dark

what a life.
being invisible and unnoticeable?
sure it does hurt..
but sooner or later it will slowly disappear,
as u and the darkness are belong together now,
neither of those feeling will haunt u anymore,
being left alone is one thing,
but it doesn't matter,
as deep inside, u know, there are still hopes that are hang on with u,
uncountable loves n cares without hesitation or hidden reasons,
it's still exist, and u're still in the circle of the positive,
that strongly push u away from the negative,
be calm and fight those hatred,
and u will win without being in pain.

inside my heart to the outside world,
may peace will surround the people that i love and care,
and for those,
it's no big deal,
let's time flies.

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