Thursday, October 14, 2010

the name is amira~

bhahahahahahhhhhaahh *cant stop laughing
well what if someone call me with the name 'amira',
  1. no reaction
  2. make face
  3. reply with normal face
hahahahah, absolutely not no.3..
this is true, it's not that i dont like my other name, but its feel weird, and just not into it,
it was like i'm not deserved with that super soft name.
i try to ask my friends to call me amira and the reactions kinda disspointed (ohhh sooooo2 saddd, *sobs), for them who did't know me yet, surely they comfortable to call me amira instead of ulfa.. ngagahahaaa, org kata, x kenal maka x cinta, sooo ble knal mst tuka pggl ulfa.. T____T

ohhh, antara feedback yg aku terima..
  1. hahhh, pggl amira, huaaahahahaha, bhahahah...n the laughing continues
  2. amira??????? *buat muka thn glak, tp x smpi aty..
  3. x glakkk, tp trus ckp eeeeuuuwwww *shit gle en

ahhhhhhh, suka aty korg lahhh, no matter what that was still my name, ulfa amira, wahhhh, what a beautiful name, thnk you mamy n dedy,.. hahah.

p/s: to be honest, x suka org pggl amira, x biase u, confuseddd.. ramai nooo org nme amira dlm dunia.. ulfa jgk cool.. :) bangga cehceh lalalalallala~

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