Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i am sorry, to mama with love

huh. hv a fight with ur mother was not a pleasant news to hear.. actually its not a big fight, it just me don't get it sometimes with my mom. well clearly, i regret everything, it's a big mistakes to upset wit ur own mother, bcz sooner or later, u will find out, that u r the one who supposed to blame and ur mother is a greatest gift in ur life. shame on me. forgive me ma. such an unthankful daughter i am.

i love my beautiful mom very2 much!

nothing can compares.. i hope she know what i felt towards her.. had already sent apology text to her.. :( sorry ma..

p/s: the greatest thing that i wanna do in dis life is buy mom luxurious things, take her anywhere she wanted to, pamper her with happiness and all the best thing that could ever happen in dis lil world, but the most precious gift is pray for her happiness for now and hereafter. INSYAALLAH.

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